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Genevieve  Rideout   M.A.  Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Common Concerns

No! If you are asking this question then you are at least a step away from crazy as you can still ask the question!  Everyone has pain in their life and sometimes it's just too much to handle on our own. We were not made to deal with this much pain in our world and relationships. We were definitely created to live with supportive relationships around us. Sometimes it's the relationships closest to us that make us feel crazy! So come to counseling and have some time and space that is yours alone to ask hard questions of yourself and God. Come figure out what dysfunction you have brought to the table and what dysfunction surrounds you. Together we will determine some coping skills for you to use that will stop harming yourself and others and quit making you feel "crazy"!

Who will know I am in therapy?
Only you and I and anyone you give me permission to tell--insurance, pastor, friend, or no one! I adhere to the strictest guidelines of confidentiality as outlined by the State of Washington, NBCC and the AACC. You can view these details in my HIPAA privacy statement on display in my office.  Rest assured I want to keep your counseling as a safe and private place where you can heal and not be anxious of prying eyes.  You must give your written permission for me to acknowledge that you are my client to anyone besides yourself.

Will you try to convert me?
No. While I serve God, I am not Him. And I will leave that work to Him. At the same time I will address your spiritual journey as it relates to the pain and issues you have brought in to work on in counseling.  Your body, mind and soul are woven together as pieces of thread in a tapestry.  We cannot pull on one without pulling another. And I desire for you to have healing in every area of your life. 

I don't see my issue in your list of things you work with--Now what?
No worries! Give me a call and I can help refer you to someone with training in your area of need.  Here are a few links to great resources I use often:

www.northwestfamilylife.org  domestic violence resource
www.twloha.com  self harm
www.suicidehotlines.com suicide
www.drgarysnyder.net  Dr Gary Snyder PhD men, couples, women, anger
  Michelle Holloman LMHC CPC couples, coaching, children
Candie Barber Warren 425 455 4070  domestic violence, couples, individual
Dr Suzanne Shelton PhD 425 881 6611 family, crisis, and couples.

Genevieve Rideout MA LMHC
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