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Offering Individual Therapy that Changes Your Life... One Relationship at a Time.
Genevieve  Rideout   M.A.  Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Premera and Regence Preferred Provider
Cash Fee is $120.00 per session

currently conducting all sessions online.

I offer individual therapy for women (ages 19+) in many areas including: 





Past Sexual, Emotional, Physical, or Spiritual Abuse

Processing traumatic Events

Lifespan Integration- specifically for Trauma

Holding onto Your Faith in the midst of your pain

College Stress

Dating and Friendships

Career Transitions

Keeping your sanity in your life with young children

Balancing Parenting teens and caring for parents

Surviving through and after Divorces, and Affairs, 

Empty nesting- who am I now?

Welcome to my website! You have begun a wonderful and difficult journey in getting help for yourself or a loved one... and you have done the hardest part--starting!   Finding a therapist who you are both comfortable with and who can assist you in meeting your needs and goals may take some time. I hope this website will answer some of your questions if you choose to work with me.  I would be honored if you ask me to help you and also honored to help you find another counselor that will best suit you and your needs. 

My goal as your counselor is to create a supportive environment where you can explore your emotional needs in the present in order to overcome barriers you have from your past allowing you to achieve your full potential now and in your future.

For more information call 425-497-0490 or email me at genevieve@therapywithgen.com  

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